Knock: A post-apoc indie film

The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…

There are ten days to go for the Knock kickstarter. And you should probably get over there and pledge a tenner. The video is below the cut.

Based on the famous two-sentence horror story, Knock is a low-budget post apocalyptic thriller.

Joseph, a reclusive entomologist has isolated himself from the world during a long pandemic of the Cordyceps Virus which has wiped out all of humanity. After a year of no sign of life Joseph finally decides to leave his isolated flat and experience the now empty world.

It looks great, and anyone pledging more than £10 gets a copy of the film. In Case of Survival will, of course, review this film should the kickstarter get funded and our copy arrive.

Pledge here.


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