E3 Bethesda showcase did NOT answer the most important Fallout 4 questions.

Sure, the showcase told us a lot. Fallout 4 is in a lot of ways a completely different game from 3 and NV. The wasteland is wide and varied, the crafting has been completely overhauled to create a hopefully satisfying and robust experience, and I personally will have a chance to build my own post-apocalyptic settlement, which is basically all I’ve ever wanted to do since I was a small child.

Also, you get a super-cool pipboy – yes AN ACTUAL PIPBOY – if you preorder the special edition of Fallout4.

Oh, and Fallout 4 comes out nine days before my 30th birthday, so this is basically the best year ever.

But I was watching that showcase like a hawk, and unless I missed something our most important question about Fallout 4 was not answered.


By which I mean, how does Fallout 4 deal with companions? Are companions potentially mortal, like they were in Fallout 3 and tougher difficulty levels of New Vegas? Or, are they more like the wuss levels of New Vegas (my personal favourite). Because, Bethesda, I don’t know if you understand. I can’t handle it if the dog dies. It looks like, from what you say and show in the showcase, that you somehow kill my spouse and baby, or at least make it so I can never see them again. If you make it so my dog can die because I am shit at your games, I will cry. I mean, actually cry. I will get a new passport, get a plane ticket, and hang around outside your offices to cry on you. For killing my pixel dog.

Please, I need to know as soon as possible. Can my dog die? I understand if you have plans for the dog and don’t want to spoil things, but that’s OK. Just tell me if the dog can die in standard play or not.

It’s the most important question of all.

Fallout 4 will be released on the 1Oth of November this year. You can watch the showcase here – Fallout info starts at approximately 1:05.


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