What if you worked at Death Inc. and it was your job to start the apocalypse?

The first thing I thought of when I saw Ambient Studios announce Death Inc. a PC (and MAC) game coming out this summer was that is reminds me of Black & White (Lionhead Studios).

No, I do not think it looks like a knock off. I think it embodies the same brilliance and unique balance that makes the player not the hero or the villain but the story itself.

Black & White, a game that is anything but, is one of my favorite but out of date games. In Black & White you play as a minor god with the goal or working your way up to being a major god wither through fear or adoration from the people below you. It was amazing.

As the main character in Death Inc. you’re charged with spreading a plague through medieval England. Yes! I’m in already.

The images posted remind me of a cross between A Kingdom for Keflings and Double Fine would put out. Both are things I love and would be happy to have more of.

Check out the official summary/press release:

Have you ever considered your own mortality?

Have you ever thought that maybe there’s more to the afterlife than keeping gravediggers and veil-makers busy?

The thing is: Death is big business. The Ministry Of Mortality is the infernal agency tasked with finding the stiffs, shuffling off their mortal coils and setting them on their way to a better (or worse) afterlife. A vast, ancient corporation that can’t cope with demand, the Ministry Of Mortality is stretched to breaking point.

Plenty of room for the little guy, wouldn’t you say?

And that’s where you come in. Grim T. Livingstone: Reaper, entrepreneur, malcontent and founder of Death, Inc., the afterlife’s premier mortality outsourcing agency.

Death Inc. is a game about a jobbing reaper spreading the bubonic plague in medieval England. It’s about infecting as many peasants, serfs, wenches and even noblemen as you can. And of course, it’s about leading your pestilential horde to defeat the forces of Good.

Initially releasing on PC and Mac, Death Inc. is a freehand strategy game with more than a hint of the Pied Piper. We’d use Plague, Cremate, Scare but we’d probably get sued.

Death Inc. is being made by Ambient Studios in the inexplicable heart of British games development: Guildford. It’s OK, you probably haven’t heard of us either but we’re a bunch of industry veterans creamed from Media Molecule, Lionhead and Criterion. We’re awesome.

To raise funds to complete the development of Death Inc., a Kickstarter project is being launched on 4th February. You’ll hear more from us before then I’m sure.

Many thanks for the support!

– Ambient Studios

If you’re as interested as I am, check out Ambient Studios at their official site or check out Death Inc. on its official site or follow @AmbientGames on twitter.

And then say tuned for that Kickstarter launching on February 4th.

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