Celebrating birthdays in the post apocalypse

My three year old recently sang her way through the grocery store. (No, I’m not trying to get her on any talent competitions or anything. This was all her doing.) She sat in the cart, singing/yelling “Happy birthday Daddy” at the top of her lungs.

Obviously, we were going to have a little party of sorts to celebrate his birthday. With balloons and cake and everything. But later on, I started thinking about what birthdays would be like during the apocalypse (because I tend to end up thinking about what random things would be like during and after the apocalypse).

Of course, immediately post apocalypse, I highly doubt anyone’s going to be throwing any parties. Those will likely come later, after things have settled down a bit, and there are established settlements and whatnot. And I don’t think it really matters if there will be cake and balloons and all that. But I was thinking: today a birthday is a celebration of another year; being another year older, etc. In the post apocalypse, would a birthday be a celebration of surviving another year? You know, because being another year older means you’ve managed to live another year.

I think birthdays could either be huge celebrations (because you’ve managed to survive another year). But I also think they could be quiet, low key events (because great, you’ve survived another year, but why waste those supplies?). But I’d guess it’ll really depend on what kind of society develops in the post apocalypse.

And then another question popped into my head (I’m full of questions): how will people mark the passage of time? I highly doubt anyone’s going to be marking days off a calendar immediately after the apocalyptic event. So how will people mark time once things settle down? Will a new calendar be developed? (Maybe like the Mayan calendar; maybe not. Heh.)



3 thoughts on “Celebrating birthdays in the post apocalypse

  1. Maybe in the post apocalypse world it will be much easier to stay 29 forever- but I might loot stores for post apocalupse gifts ont he way out of town.

  2. @Shéa I like your idea of looting Tiffany’s. Hmm… But, okay, maybe I should still come up with a list of good apocalyptic gifts.

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