Canada prepares for the zombie apocalypse

Well, okay, the province of British Columbia is preparing for the zombie apocalypse. They’ve taken a page from the CDC’s book and have set up Zombie Preparedness Week. You know, so the citizens of B.C. can be good and ready for the zombie apocalypse. Also other disasters, like floods, earthquakes, and fires. But mostly zombies.

And just in case you’re wondering if the preparedness plan works, check out the post-zombie attack survivor’s blog here. Obviously this person isn’t from the lower mainland, because according to this map, Vancouver is toast.

I gotta admit, this is pretty cool. Now, if only Alberta would do something like this…

And for your viewing pleasure (because I’m nice like that), check out the video that Emergency Info B.C. put together. Be ye warned: it sounds like someone held Stephen Hawking at gunpoint to record this thing. And made him inhale some helium along the way.


One thought on “Canada prepares for the zombie apocalypse

  1. There is nothing cool about this. Note that Governments are not run by Officials that have the average person’s interest in mind. Note that BANKS and CORPORATIONS are the leaders of the world. They own many governments in their pockets. Note that the human populace are cattle or even ‘zombies’ and they are training for having to battle the common populace when we discover we are about to be taken over by the EU and the TYRANNY or Totalitarianism government. But since most who rely on media to train them up on how to be trendy and cool- don’t realize its a form of brainwashing- will miss the underlying intent of foreboding of such a ‘drill’. DER!

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