You CAN survive

You are the descendant of millions of survivors. In your genes, a resistance to plague and disease.

You have a great deal of untapped potential.

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You can learn to set a fire. It’s not that hard. You can learn how to find food in the wild. They sell books.

You CAN survive. No matter why you think you can’t, you can. We are equal-opportunity survivors here. Race, gender, weight, disability – no barriers to survival. You just have to learn how to find your unique abilities and use them to overcome your disadvantages.

I am a fat woman with a bad back and severe depression.

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I can still do this, if I have to. I can walk for miles. I’m strong. Under my fat is good, solid muscle. I’m clever. I am good in a crisis. I can build a shelter, a fire, find edible food.

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I can survive.

We don’t like the survivalists who have the attitude of ‘I’ll show you’, or worse ‘the unworthy will be swept away’. We think they’re untrustworthy. We think that YOU can survive.

We think that survivalism and the apocalypse is funny. We think that the things we tell you can serve you in the real world as well as the apocalypse that won’t come. We think that all our readers are great.

You CAN survive.

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