Calgary Horror Con: the vendors

Every good convention has vendors. And those vendors have some of their wares available for you to buy and take home that day. Which is good for the vendor, potentially not good for your wallet.

Calgary Horror Con was no different. There were a lot of different vendors there, and while I didn’t talk to every single one of them, I did talk to quite a few.

Some of the most interesting booths had to do with survival — by survival I mean surviving the zombie apocalypse (because there’s no other kind of apocalypse, especially at a horror convention).

First, I stopped to talk to The Forge Western Martial Arts about their Fite the Bite Zombie Survival Workshop (link here). In their workshop, you learn the basics of sword fighting, knife fighting, and hand-to-hand combat (well, among other things). Oh, and you get to beat the snot out of a zombie mannequin.

And really, swords + zombie = fun.

I also talked to the man behind Zombie Survival Escape Resist and Eliminate (ZSERE). His website,, isn’t up yet, but it’s presented by Spiritwalker Survival School in Calgary. The ZSERE course is a three day course that runs over a weekend, and the focus is urban tactical training. You get to practice with airsoft guns before going out to a gun range to use the real thing. The course also covers basic survival skills, including what to pack in your survival kit, what you do if the apocalypse hits while you’re at work, and a whole lot of other stuff.

This course had me at “gun range.” (Also, the instructor was carrying a crossbow and was in full camo. Which was also full of awesome.)

Also at the con was the Zombie Apocalypse Response Team. Which is pretty self-explanatory, yes? Heh. (Link is here.)

As for tangible goodies, there were a lot of books, a lot of DVDs, and a lot of illustrations/comics there. There were also some neat items I didn’t expect to see at a horror convention.

For example:

ouija board
Gothic-style Ouija board
skull and eyeball earrings
Handmade skull and eyeball earrings from Animus Origin.
vampire smurf
Vampire Smurf
zombie star trek: the next generation crew
Print of an original work–zombified Star Trek: The Next Generation crew (signed by artist) (also, sorry for the crappy photo)

Note: I did get permission from the vendors of the top two photos to take pictures of their table. I bought the bottom two items.

Also note: There’s a possibility I will be giving away the vampire Smurf and the print at a later date. I haven’t decided yet, though, since our last giveaway was a little slow. So tell me if you’d like to give a little, non-sparkly vampire and/or a zombie print a new home…


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  1. Can you tell me the artist of the Star Trek zombie print? I would love to get one myself. It would go well with my Zombie Golden Girls prints…

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