Be a zombie for pay!

It’s no secret that unemployment is high at the moment. But what would you say if you learned you could be a zombie for money?

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[1. unlike writing this article, which gained me no money at all. Come on, all I’m asking is for the CHANCE to be a whore for the advertisers.]

Holy fuck yes, am I right?

Well, you can., the people behind those ‘special experience days’ like driving a tank, are also behind the Zombie Mall and a new Zombie Manor House. Thanks to the amount of interest, they have decided to hold auditions for the role of ‘zombie’ at the Manor House.  In addition to competitive pay, new hires will also recieve movie-quality makeup and porsthetics to help them get into the role.

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Richard Kershaw, co-founder of, said:

“Hundreds of zombie fans from around the world have contacted us begging for work. Given the huge demand for our Zombie Manor House, we’re inviting these people to audition in front of our expert panel to see if they have the right stuff.

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“Why settle for a dead end job, when you can apply for an undead end job instead?”

TheManor House itself is near Manchester, so it would probably be best if you live in the area (my personal feeling is that many Mancunians won’t need much in the way of makeup to look like a zombie). Auditions, however, are being held in London’s famous Pineapple Studio on the 28th of June, so you don’t have much time.

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There are many ways to apply for the role, including posting a youtube video of yourself on their facebook page- but by far the quickest and easiest would be by clicking this link and following the instructions.

If getting a job as zombie isn’t your cup of tea, you can of course, book yourself an experience battling zombies there. All kit is provided. It costs £99 per person.

One thought on “Be a zombie for pay!

  1. Huh. My entire zombie fitness programme is based on the idea that I’m too out of shape to outrun these kinds of zombies. If I could become one of the right off the bat, I wouldn’t need to get in shape. This is an interesting idea…

    Seriously though, it sounds amazing. As soon as one of these comes to Cardiff, I’m there.

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