I'm 100% here for Debris (the video game)

Today I stumbled across a new game coming out in October called Debris by Moonray Studios.  This is an indie game that feels big but doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard or doing too much.

Indie games come out every ten minutes.

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However, quality indie games are diamonds in the rough. This game is looking pretty shiny. There are a vast amount of research and unique perspectives built in.

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From the trailer alone the artwork, voice work, and quality are all top notch.

It’s a breath of fresh air[1. Pun completely intended] to come across a game like Debris. The developer, instead of creating something based on what they think people want, made a game based on what they know they’re good at.

Check out the trailer and press release below:

Escape together or die alone

Debris is an atmospheric single-player/co-op adventure game set in a surreal frozen ocean. Trapped in the depths, you must reach the surface to survive. Power is scarce, your team is lost and unusual creatures lurk in the darkness.

What’s different? 
Debris combines breathtaking graphics, a professionally voiced branching narrative and vast network of underwater ice tunnels to create a terrifying, claustrophobic and immersive world.

And, for the past two years we’ve worked with physicians and mental health advisors (McMaster University, Canadian Mental Health Association) and our work on mental illness has been presented at the DiGRA-FDG 2016 conference.

Players will discover they can swim freely in a an undersea environment the size of Manhattan. The icy waters are filled with AI-powered bioluminescent creatures, the pulse of a haunting soundtrack and danger at every turn.

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Players will question everything, discover deep mysteries and explore what losing touch with reality feels like.

Beauty, danger and a mind bending story.

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That’s Debris.

Want to learn more?
Here’s our Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/669660/Debris/
The Debris press kit: http://debristhegame.com/press/sheet.php?p=debris
And our website: http://debristhegame.com/

Debris is set to release October 2nd, 2017

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