Autumn Apocalypse: Embracing the Fall Vibes in New England

Greetings, fellow survivors and autumn enthusiasts! As we navigate the post-apocalyptic landscape, it’s essential to find moments of solace and beauty amidst the chaos.

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In this confident and casual exploration, let’s dive into the unique experience of fall in New England and how it intertwines with the challenges of surviving in the aftermath.

1. The Symphony of Colors: As the apocalypse reshapes our world, nature takes on a new form of resilience. In New England, fall paints a vibrant masterpiece with the changing foliage. The fiery reds, golden yellows, and rustic oranges create a post-apocalyptic kaleidoscope, reminding us that beauty endures even in the most challenging times.

2. Foraging in the Foliage: While supermarkets may be scarce, New England’s fall offers a bounty of foraging opportunities. Edible treasures like apples, cranberries, and nuts become essential resources for the savvy survivor.

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Embrace the art of foraging against the backdrop of picturesque autumn landscapes.

3. Cozy Apocalypse Cabins: New England’s charming cabins and cottages, once a haven for fall getaways, now serve as potential shelters in the apocalypse. Picture yourself huddled by a fireplace, sipping on makeshift pumpkin spice concoctions, and finding warmth amid the cooling temperatures.

4. Apocalypse Apple Picking: Apple orchards, once bustling with families on crisp fall weekends, now stand as quiet havens for survivors. Engage in the therapeutic act of apple picking, filling your makeshift baskets with a variety of apples to add sweetness to your post-apocalyptic diet.

5. Pumpkins, Apocalypse-Style: The iconic pumpkin patches of New England take on a new significance in the apocalypse. Beyond their decorative allure, pumpkins become valuable resources ā€“ from nutritious pumpkin flesh to makeshift containers and even DIY lanterns for those dark autumn nights.

6. Apocalypse Hiking Trails: New England’s renowned hiking trails transform into survival routes through the autumnal wilderness. Hike through fallen leaves, enjoying the crisp air and finding hidden gems like freshwater sources and potential shelter locations.

7. Crafting with Nature’s Bounty: Channel your creativity by crafting with the materials that fall provides. Build sturdy shelters using fallen branches and leaves, fashion makeshift clothing from durable foliage, and use acorns and pinecones for decorative elements.

8. Fall Fashion for Survivors: As temperatures drop, embrace fall fashion in the apocalypse. Layer up with cozy flannels, repurpose scarves for added warmth, and don your sturdiest boots for navigating the changing terrain. Who says survival can’t be stylish?

9. Apocalypse Harvest Feasts: In the spirit of fall traditions, gather your survivor community for a harvest feast. Share the spoils of foraging, cook hearty stews with gathered ingredients, and celebrate the resilience of life in the midst of the apocalypse.

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10. The Call of the Apocalypse Wild: Fall in New England beckons survivors to reconnect with the wild. Learn to identify edible mushrooms, track wildlife for potential game, and tap into the primal instincts that fall’s natural beauty awakens.

As we navigate the post-apocalyptic reality, fall in New England becomes a tapestry of survival and beauty. From foraging in the foliage to crafting with nature’s bounty, embrace the resilience of nature as it mirrors your own.

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As the leaves fall, let them be a reminder that life persists, and with a touch of New England fall magic, we can thrive even in the aftermath. Happy apocalypse adventuring! šŸ

Learning to Live With Small Inconveniences Now Will Pay Off Big in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Husband and I both had buffalo chicken for dinner. His was boneless, mine had bones. He sees no point in chicken with bones.

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I’m not totally sure why I like it. However, I do know that come world’s end, no one will be de-boning your chicken for you. You’ll need to get on board with tearing flesh from bone like aĀ predator or get hip to eating grass and the like.

Chicken and other meats having bones is one of many little inconveniences you’ll have to deal with. Thing is, where the fuck do you find chickens? In addition, if you currently know where to find a chicken, I’m sure they’re not smart enough to save themselves. You’ll either have to save the chicken or go back and hope it’s still there. They’re not like dogs, they won’t wait for you.

However, if you’re smart, and you find a chicken, you’ll be smart enough not to slaughter it immediately. Chickens make eggs[1. Don’t worry about chicken eggs being filled with chickens. Chickens only makeĀ chickens if they’re exposed to male chickens (roosters or cocks, depending on where you’re from). Otherwise, they’re just eggsĀ that can be stolen and eaten]. Eggs are food. You can have a dozen eggs a month or one chicken for one day. SmallĀ inconvenience, big pay off. Also, a lot of people are particular about eggs. The smell, the texture.. Personally,Ā I love eggs. Get over it or eat grass.

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