Zombies grow in your neighborhood in Fleck

Fleck is an new in-browser game by Self Aware Games about defending your territory from the most adorable zombies ever.

You sign up, choose an avatar with a vague resemblance to you, and designate a location. You can situate yourself in you actual home or anywhere else in the United States. Locations are generated using Google Maps integration.

Your avatar makes an effort to live and in their own little private Idaho or Bel Air, where you choose to live by building a house and growing a garden. Unfortunately, zombies in the Fleck universe also grow in gardens and “zombies hate plants.”

During the introduction of the game, a knowledgeable avatar walks you through the steps of surviving the zombie infested landscape of the Fleck dimension.

The game is fairly basic, almost too basic actually. The introduction will lead you to believe the game is more active than it is. Mostly your avatar tends to the garden to gain points so they can grow more plants. Every so often there may be a budding zombie you can weed out before it grows into a zombie plant. Though zombie plants don’t actually bother you until you dig them up.

Once you dig up the zombie plants and fight the zombies they bring out you’re free to go back to tending your garden. If you’re in the game expecting to do a lot of zombie fighting, you’ll be disappointed. Often you’ll need to plant your own zombies if you want anything to fight.

Fleck is an easy enough pastime. It reminds me a bit of Nintendogs. You can neglect your garden for a bit but it’ll bounce right back with a little TLC. The enemies are so cute you might actually feel a little bad killing them.

For a free game, it’s worth trying.

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