Can't Live Without [July '17]

Crayon Shin-chan

Starting the day with the news is horribly depressing. Instead, I watch cartoons. Specifically, this summer, I’ve been all about watching Shin-chan on Hulu.

When I get up and start my putzing about, I put on the Chromecast and stream Shin-chan.

Completely vulgar, inappropriate, and satirical, this show has it all. Ass dance? Got it. Joking about things that are no laughing matter? Yup. Parents regretting all their choices and just trying not to get sued? All day? Teachers, who only teach because it’s the job they happen to have? Check.

Crayon Shin-chan is a wonderfully cynical and sunny way to kick off the day.


Working all week leaves me at a weird crossroads where I’m burned out from the last five days and energized for the weekend. I want to say all the things I’m not allowed to in a work environment. I want to talk to people I like talking to rather than those I’m forced to.

Overwatch is where I go on Friday nights to hang out with my friends and destroy shit with abandon. I’m not good at video games. I drink while playing which only makes me worse.

However, I love the Overwatch world and characters and structure. Games aren’t too long or complicated. Even I can find a character that allows me to contribute meaningfully to the team for better or worse.

Personally, I lean towards support heroes to feel a little better about the shit level of my skills. My friends don’t mind and we take the time between games to catch up and decompress.

Face Masks

I’ve been really into K-beauty (Korean Beauty) lately. Specifically, I’ve been engrossed in videos by The Gothamista on YouTube.

Being the deeply susceptible pawn of marketing that I am, I’ve spent too much money on everything she recommends. Her face mask reviews, in particular, get me in the wallet.

[amazon_link asins=’B06XP8W64F,B019HU2MPE,B01MSTIMRS,B01F6Y7KJ8,B01N9BZLDG’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’incasofsur-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’163f9d86-8848-11e7-a847-270279d0f463′]

Face masks are so fun and relaxing and good for your skin. When I put on a face mask and set my timer, I’m, in my own way, meditating. My own vain way.

Vanity or not, meditation is good for the mind and body (visceral fat is your fat related to stress and stuff). Face masks give me an excellent excuse to remember to prioritize self-care.

Pop Goes Punk

This one is super random. I love pop music. I love pop punk music. I love music from the early aughts.

[amazon_link asins=’B01M0VAR0H,B01M1SQ8K4,B01LYWVGKB,B01LXACLW3,B009OQ1U46,B01LWMVVHW,B072FQC8RN’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’incasofsur-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4419492a-8848-11e7-99b8-a10ad2f7df13′]

Pop Goes Punk is a series of compilation albums where punk bands cover pop songs. It’s just a different take on the same old songs and sounds making them a little bit new again. Similar to the New Found Glory album From the Screen to Your Stereo where the whole album was covers of songs popularized by movies.

Pills from the Internet [HUM Nutrition]

I had seen HUM Nutrition at Sephora for a few years. Their pills promised to solve all my most vanity based issues. Size, hair, skin, etc. These pills professed to clean you right up and get you looking and feeling Grown and Sexy.

I decided to try these pills out on a whim. We’ll, a whim for me means I read and watched a number of reviews. I settled on OMG! Omega the Great, Beauty zzZz, Skinny Bird, and Uber Energy.

Being the paranoid little spaz I am, I brought the pills to a recent doctor appointment to have them reviewed.

I’m not a doctor and my doctor was speaking specifically to me:

  • OMG! Omega the Great: Omegas are a great supplement and fish oil is said to have some positive effects.
  • Beauty zzZz: 3mg of melatonin could be too much. Most people don’t really need more than 1mg to 1.5mg. Too much melatonin can do more harm than good. When this is finished, try switching to an over-the-counter lower dose.
  • Skinny Bird: Straight up skeptical because the ingredients are mainly based on psuedo-science. Probably shouldn’t keep taking these, though they probably won’t hurt you.
  • Uber Energy: Surprisingly impressed with the ingredients and composition. They’re working for me and nothing to be concerned about so thumbs up.

Coupon/promo code for HUM Nutrition – $10 off orders of $29+: 1348BA

Currently, there is a promotion (ends December 31, 2017) to get free Overwatch Loot Boxes:

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