Zombie I Scream (iOS)

I saw an episode of Doomsday Preppers the other day where the family didn’t believe in weapons. One of the guys says, “If bandits come I’ll invite them in and either poison them or cut their throats in their sleep.”

HUWAT!? Yes. I like you. Also, I’ve found the perfect game for you. Zombie I Scream by Thefty Jack LLC.

No, Zombie I Scream isn’t about grinding zombies up and turning them into ice cream. It’s about a non-violent solution to a violent problem.

Much like the colonists gave smallpox blankets to the Native Americans the player in Zombie I Scream will give unsuspecting zombies ice cream cones specially designed to end their lives. FUN!

It actually looks really cute and it’s rare that someone finds a new approach to a fairly straight forward genre on a limited interface.

Zombie I Scream (like many of the original colonists) is set in Boston and features many of the city’s famous locations as levels.

I haven’t played it but it’s definitely on my short list.

In the game you are the world’s last chance to save humankind from the zombie apocalypse. Your tools are an ice-cream truck filled with Government supplied anti-zombie ice cream cones.
Return enough zombies to human form and cause a reverse domino effect of the zombie plague! Save sections of the city of Boston first—Fenway Park, Harvard Square and Faneuil Hall—before meeting the evil Carl, chicken mastermind behind it all.  Then it’s on to other cities.
Zombie I Scream is available as now in its full version ($1.99) (http://bit.ly/WqcGgs) and an ad-supported “lite” version ($Free)  (http://bit.ly/YmTrZh).
– Zombie friendly
– Family friendly
– 35 unique Boston-based levels
– Specials such as Electricity and a Cow
– Special bonus level when all is completed
– Game center connection for high scores

I suggest checking out the lite version then maybe upgrading depending on what they offer for additional levels or upgrades.

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