The real-life apocalypse family

YOU GUYS. You have to see this.

I was surfing the Interwebs for help in finding a topic for today’s post. Since I tend to write about family related things (my unofficial topic here at ICoS), I was trying to find something related to the apocalypse or the post-apocalypse family.

Because, you know, if there’s news, it’s my job to share it with you.

And share I will.

Okay, so, you all know by now that we here at ICoS like to stress the importance of apocalypse preparedness. We’ve given you tips about how to survive the apocalypse and the post apocalypse. Ann’s even shared her pre-apocalypse training program, the Apocalypse Walk.

Obviously, we want everyone to have the best possible chance of surviving the apocalypse.

I’ve always known we aren’t the only ones. But for the most part, I tend to find people preparing for the apocalypse on their own. Every now and again they’ll have a training/prep buddy.

I’ve never, to my knowledge, found an entire family prepping for the coming of the end of the world.

Until now.

About a year ago now, an episode of the show Wife Swap featured a family that stressed the importance of apocalypse preparedness. To the point that they did Hazmat suit time drills every week. Check it out:

Most people saw them as a laughingstock. And yeah, okay, the mom’s pretty over the top, but hey, I see where she’s coming from. (And if you’re here, you do, too.)

The E! show The Soup had a response, wherein the host is presented with the Martha Stewart Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Kit. The kit includes silver-tipped crossbow bolts, to kill the werewolves the zombies ride around on. (Because obviously zombies ride werewolves.)

Here’s a clip from that episode, courtesy of YouTube, which I apparently can’t embed here (sorry about that; I tried).

So what do you think? Over the top, paranoid, batshit crazy, or just being prepared?

7 thoughts on “The real-life apocalypse family

  1. Definitely a fun way to get the family to bond and share ideas. But, as with all things, too much of a well-intentioned idea could lead your children to maim and dismember you after they miss the awesome party because you wanted them to practice locking the bomb shelter hatch…

  2. And what is that family doing now with all of their hire-purchases?? Poor children being raised in a household like this!

    1. Those children have skills that are still quite valuable in the real world and their parents care enough about them to want them prepared no matter how unlikely the scenario.

  3. Please remember this show is not reality and is in fact fake. This family is a prepping family but did not buy stuff on credit they don’t have debt it was the shows idea to add drama. They really didn’t think the world would end but did and do prep for any thing that might happen. They are now parents to 8 kids are a great family in our community.

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