Self Promotion- Dusk: Origins

If you don’t like Self-Promotion you may want to look away now.

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I know, it’s terribly shocking and disgusting that I’d use a blog I write for to promote something else I write for. How dare I assume that people who enjoy my writing in one venue may enjoy it in another?


Dusk: Origins is a super-special, previously super-secret project I have been having a lot of fun and good times with, and I want you to go check it out. But- I am aware you can’t do that without knowing what in the hell is going on, so I will help you.

What in the hell is going on:

Dusk: Origins is a post apocalyptic blog serial. Set many years after the apocalypse in a harsh and violent world, it follows four characters as they search for a possibly mythical paradise- an island to the west where people are free, no-one starves, and everything is sweet and good. But there are a great many people looking to get in their way…

So, it’s a blog serial. Big whoop. Why should I check THIS one out?:

Because of what makes it different of course! Yes, it’s a blog serial, but with an interesting experimental twist.

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Well, two.

First twist: It is being written by four people, not just myself. Each of us writes a chapter from the point of view of our character, taking control of the story for that chapter. Which neatly leads me on to the next experimental twist.

You remember those games you used to play as a kid?

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When you’d follow each others sentences and make a story?

We’re sort of doing that, but with chapters.

Don’t worry, it’s not completely unplanned: We do have an idea of goal, plot and antagonists.

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But beyond that, we are going off map. It’s very exciting for me.

So, to recap: Post apocalyptic blog serial, written on a chapter by chapter basis by four writers. I think you’ll like it, but in case you aren’t certain yet, tomorrow will see the publication of an EXCLUSIVE piece of fiction featuring my character, Nelya, written from her point of view just before she joins the group.

Dusk: Origins is written by me, John Xero (who also wrote Ragestorm Requiem), Leigh Ramsden and Andrew Seagal. It updates on sundays. The first episode is here.

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