Post-apocalyptic Fashion: What to Wear

It’s a tricky prospect. The world’s ended, but you still want to look good. The new existance demands a certain aesthetic, but it also demands practicality. And where on earth are you going to find your new clothes? Well, as in all things, I am here to help. Number One tip: Buy your survival clothes long before it becomes an issue. In this article, I do half the work for you. You just have to click the links and spend the money!

In this article, we’ll talk about post-apocalyptic fashion, and how to marry practicality and wasteland chic. Not only will no-one dare mess with you, but no-one will be able to bitch about your outfits either. I have spent much time and effort finding apocalypse-suitable garb for you to purchase and wear. Click on the links to take you to shops and items that I love.

First, the basics. You want hard-wearing clothes in sensible fabrics, but you want them to look good. I recommend a good biker jacket- in proper leather- with the knowledge that not only will it give you a level of armour, but it also adds a certain tough-guy je-ne-sais-qouis to any outfit. Armour it with metal panels for added protection, and so you look like you know what you’re doing.

For bottoms, jeans or leather trousers are good, for much the same reason. Here, I would point out that post-apocalyptic lifestyle will mess up your clothes; so consider buying brands that will look better scuffed and torn.

Fingerless gloves are always a good idea.

Tops are going to be a trickier thing, as you’ll need to change them depending on the weather. I have recently fallen in love with the tops from Dirty and Distressed, which are mostly unisex and capable of standing up to most environments. They have the added advantage of being designed to look tattered and stained, so the stress and strains of the wasteland can only make them look better. Make sure you have good warm fleecy jumpers for winter. If you love alternative fashion, how about a tactical corset? The company even does mens styles as well- and is working on a combat corset- which will find it’s way into my wardrobe as soon as it’s available.


For footwear you can’t go wrong with army boots, or in a pinch, Dr Martens.

For acessories I would say no dangle earrings, no matter how lovely they are- in a vicious fight, they can easily get torn out. Stud earrings are fine, and you can find plenty out there with attractive, apocalypse-appropriate designs. Necklaces, again, close fitting is better than long and dangly, though it’s not quite so important here. For bracelets and rings, why not choose some attractive, modern tribal leather goods? And don’t forget to carry an attractive, strong bag with plenty of space for scavenged items.

As taking a journal with you will be essential, to keep notes of interesting places and potential enemies, the least you could do is take a nice-looking one. When people see you writing in one of these babies, they’ll know you mean business.

For experienced survival nuts only: If you have the strength or connections, why not buy a chainmail shirt? You can wear it as extra armour and it also happens to look badass. Also, get yourself a useable gasmask, just in case.

Now, obviously, you’ll have your own sense of style, and you should take my advice with a grain of salt. Mix and match fashion choices, but always be sure your choices are practical. To be certain you can handle all environments in your clothes, I reccomend to following activity.

Choose the most awkward route in your location. For me that is all the way up our highest hill and back again. Do it wearing your survival gear, at least once a week, all through the year. This will get you used to difficult terrain in practical outfits, and allow you to be aware of any flaws in your garment. It will also have the added benefit of training you for scavenging after the apocalypse. And if you choose to wear stiletto heels, you deserve what’s coming.


None of the stores or items featured in this blog post have paid a fee to be featured. I just like them. All links working at the time I wrote this. I am not responsible for disappointment or dislike of any products here.

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