Likely Apocalypses: Robotic Apocalypse

Of all the likely apocalypses, the Robotic Apocalypse is one of the most unsettling.

The Replicators in Stargate were one of the most formidable enemies for any intelligent species because they cannot be reasoned with or stopped without completely changing your way of life to one that eradicates any metal components. You can’t drive or fly away because they take every piece of metal and MAKE MORE REPLACTORS. Their only objective is to reproduce, consequences be damned.

We are living in the world of technology, right?

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Smart phones, intelligent machines, and robots are present everywhere. Whether it is controlling your AC from the other part of the world with only one click or teaching a difficult subject to students, everything is quite easy because our intelligent machines can do anything for us in no time.

You want everything to be done for you, lazy person, huh?

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But are you sure your intelligent machines will never realize that they are being used and the only problem, is you? Well, you never know. It is possible that someday our hyper-intelligent machines get tired of us and plan to take over.

We mere mortals could find ourselves facing a technological singularity, also known as “AI take over,” or simply, a robotic apocalypse. AI stands for artificial intelligence. All the intelligence that is exhibited by our machines is called the Artificial Intelligence.

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But, at some point, technological intelligence will learn enough to reach a point where its intelligence becomes real.

Our Artificial Intelligence industry is constantly improving and even the machines we have today are more powerful than a normal human being.

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Just imagine if your laptop, phone, TV, refrigerator, oven, toaster, mixer, vacuum cleaner, and other appliances rose up against you like Maximum Overdrive. What do you do?

If like everyone in every movie ever, you would run to hide in your bathroom, you may find fans, a hair dryer, and hair straightener waiting to kill you. We have more machines than humans in our houses. Choices.

Today’s intelligent robots are used for a million of purposes. A normal human can take a gun and load a limited number of bullets in it but a robot can store thousands of bullets at once. Robots do not have social-emotional intelligence but they work more efficiently and consume less fuel than humans. And, machines never sleep.

Robots don’t need any rest, they only require fuel. If they managed to run on solar or wind power they’d just need to make space to expand their power farms. Space that is currently being taken up by humans that don’t contribute enough to the equation that equals POWER.

Can we expect a robotic apocalypse?

Yes, as artificial intelligence is developing day by day, we are creeping closer to a technological singularity. While machines no doubt offer us a lot of benefits, they also increase the risk of a robotic apocalypse. These super intelligent machines have the ability to replicate themselves and upgrade themselves to better software, essentially recognizing when they need to evolve and taking action.

If someday machines break their chains and surpass humans realizing that humans are just a waste of resources and of no use to them, they might rise up and take action.

What can I do to survive a robotic apocalypse?

The first thing that you can do is stop being lazy. Try to do your jobs by yourself. These machines are very useful for us as they save a lot of energy and time but try to keep things under your control.

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Learn to do things manually, like growing and cooking your own food.

Recognize that any super intelligent machine made for destructive purposes is not to be appreciated. Our enemies would not see these machines as deterrents but as a stepping stone to mutually assured destruction.

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