Join us on Lost Zombies- the social network for the zombie apocalypse.

Yes, I DO spend all my time online, why do you ask?

Anyway, thanks to Tumblr, I discovered Lost Zombies, the social network for the zombie apocalypse. It’s basically a gigantic community for creating a massive zombocalypse documentary.

Lost Zombies is a social network whose goal is to create the world’s first community generated zombie documentary. Members of Lost Zombies, have their own profile page, can submit photos and videos, as well as take part in chat discussions, and submit content to be used in the documentary.

Getting started

I reckon we can get the ICoS contigent over to Lost Zombies.  Practice for the real life compound I’ll be ruling once it happens. So, join me (this is me) and we’ll bring our pretty faces and unique humour to this wonderful new world. Let’s corrupt their hard work and endeavours, perform a coup and RULE THIS PLACE WITH FIRE AND DEATH.

I mean, it seems like it could be fun.

After all, it’s not like you’re working all day, or anything.

(also there is a book that looks good)




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