how instructables can help you survive

It is somewhat possible that computer games have given us an artificial idea of how it will be to live in a post-apocalyptic world. For a start, I sincerely doubt that 200 years post-event, there’ll still be pre-packaged snacks and good-condition guns hanging around. In fact, it’s likely those things will vanish pretty quickly.

Which is why instructables is a site you should be reading before the power goes off forever. Why? Because it has all sorts of tricks which will help make your post-apoc life a little easier.

In this post, I round up some of the best.

How to Make a Soup Can Forge

If you want to be able to make and maintain weapons and armour, you’re going to want a forge. A soup-can forge is small and portable, and while it can’t make big things, it’s a good start. Check out the related videos on this one, too.

Portable Fire Pit

Because you need to stay warm.


Yeah, growing your own food is perhaps a little more reliable and sustainable than scavenging cans and packets from the ruins (have I told you to buy gardeing books yet? Oh yeah, only half a dozen times. Buy gardening books and seeds) and greenhouses help your crops grow faster and stronger, as well as protecting them from pests.

Cold Killer

Your new greenhouse might even make it possible to grow the ingredients for this cold killer. Colds and flu are miserable things, especially post-apoc, and anything that can help you beat them is good news.

Tire Sandals

Because you’ll soon be less fussy about footwear when you wear through the soles of your boots and there are non around to fit you anymore.

Quick Finger Splint

Because broken fingers are awful.

Now, I’m sure I’ve missed plenty. I would suggest losing a few hours on the site and printing out/saving all the ones you think might be useful in a post-apocalyptic world.



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