Walking Dead Season 2 (violent) Preview

If your job disapproves of the ole ultra-violence, then this is not safe for work (NSFW).

Woop. Looks like they’ll still be killing zombies in season 2. Hopefully season two is a little more… something. I don’t know what was missing, but there was something lacking. It was somehow both awesome and listless.

Some questions/comments:
Why is Rick alone?
Gosh, those dead sure do walk.
Why is Rick so Grimey [1. get it?? Rick Grimes. Grimey.]
Where’s everyone else?
Is this the same forest?
Has Rick gone mad?
Has rick ditched his SPOILER[2. adulterous] brood?

Check out The Walking Dead on AMC’s website where they also have an Apocalypse Survival Test.

This promo picture (via ew.com) answers some of my questions:



2 thoughts on “Walking Dead Season 2 (violent) Preview

    1. I’d guess they’re trying not to make too much noise but he wasn’t being too discrete with all that attacking.

      Maybe the zombies are between them and their guns. They’re always dropping a bag of guns here and there.

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