The Apocalypse- ONLINE!

There are plenty of survivalism blogs out there- you can see a few of the best in our links folder- but in general they’re very serious. You may have guessed by now that while we’re serious about surviving the end days, we’re a little more focused on the post-apocalyptic living bit. We’re sort of a post-apocalyptic lifestyle blog at this stage, and we’re OK with that.

And as a result of that focus, I’ve become a bit obsessed with online post-apocalyptia. By which I don’t mean the other survivalist blogs, I mean people tweeting and blogging as if they already live in an apocalypse. I love these. I love them so much.

So here are some of the best ones I’ve found.

WausauLoner:  WausauLoner is tweeting from a Zombie Apocalypse. With a fully developed backstory, other characters and his willingness to interact with other users who tweet to him, it’s one of the most enjoyable twitter feeds out there.

The Apocalypse Blog:  The Apocalypse Blog is a complete story, telling the tale of Faith, whose world ended on 24 december 2008. Check it out.

Myzombiejournal: Another zombie apocalypse twitter feed (I LOVE THESE, by the way) with a more traditionally ‘story’-type narrative.


I think the thing that most appeals to me about the blog and twitter serials out there is the sense of realism (as well as the fact that they’re free). The Apocalypse is a subject utterly suited to being told about in this medium- and the blog/twitter post angle allows you to break a lot of existing fiction rules to make your world seem real and immediate.A good serial blog or twitter feed is a thing of beauty, and utterly addictive to my mind. Almost as addictive as good post apocalyptic webcomics.

Speaking of which…

612 to apocalypse:  A well-drawn comic with an intriguing story. I REALLY like this one.

The Undisputed King of Nothing:  Oh, this one is so close to perfect I can’t express it.

Tinkers of the Wasteland:  This is… strange. And potentially offensive to a large number of people. That might be why I’ve been binging on the back archives.

With webcomics, I think Apocalyptic storys can be told with an immediacy and visceral punch that you don’t necessarily get with ither media. And if I could draw, a lot of my plotlines would probably work better as Webcomics than novels. Though I’d like more set quite a long distance post-apocalypse, as that’s where my particular interest lies.

There’s something else I love.  Apocalyptic web vids and radio shows.

The Dead must Die: Funny, by nerds for nerds. Yet more zombies- Zombies have a heavy cultural capital right now- and I admit I’m getting a little tired of Zombies, but enjoyable for all that.

WZMB Zombie Radio: Oooh, zombie radio show. I’m not the biggest fan of radio series (unless you count my utter love for fiction on Radio 4. OH GOD I’m officially middle class) but this is a good one.



This is obviously an incomplete list. If there’s any you really love, or if you want to write an indepth review of a particular bit on online post-apocalyptia, or even want us to review yours for you, contact us.

None of these lovely people have offered me any kind of renumeration or bribe to feature them.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words on our urban zombie Jazz-ocalypse. At WZMB, we try to remember that survival doesn’t have to be so serious. We really appreciate your listening, and your blog. Keep the great work coming!

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