LiveBlog: Black Sheep.

Inspired by the success of my live-tweeting the so-bad-it’s-good The GraveDancers, I have decided to liveblog Black Sheep today, at about 3:00 pm GMT.

A little bit about Black Sheep: It’s made by a New Zealand guy, and it’s effectively about genetically engineering sheep so they become flesh eating, virus transmitting monsters. It’s a zombie-werewolf film. With sheep. Yes, I am doing this to myself out of choice. Why? I have nothing better to do.

Oh, and so the joke is out of the way RIGHT at the start… It’s a Ewepocalypse. Yes, I went there.

See you at 3:00. If you have a copy, why not join in? Put your reactions in the comments.


Well, that was a thourougly ridiculous film. But I enjoyed t. Some wonderful moments – sheep farts saving the day, and some clever lines. But overall I found it kind of bland.


Your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “LiveBlog: Black Sheep.

  1. I was thinking I would be home but I did the time backwards thinking 3pm there would be 8pm here. But It’s 10am!

    I’d love to join. So jelly.

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