It's all gone a bit dystopian out there.

This is going to be an unusually serious post. I debated saying anything- I haven’t touched previous political hot issues, because I don’t think that’s what this blog is about.I also don’t like the sense that in some way I may be profiting (not monetarily, we get nothing for this site, but in terms of new readers) from these awful occurences. But this particular disaster not only hits close to home, but also brings the advice we give here into sharp relief. We may not present our information in a serious way, we may think that serious survivalists will get almost nothing from our site: But we genuinely want you to surive disasters of all kind, and if something we can say can help, we’ll be very glad. So here it goes.

There have been riots in London and Birmingham. It feels like there have been riots over the whole country. A peaceful protest turned in to a four day parade of the worst of human nature proving just two things: Angry, frightened people are the worst danger in the world, and nasty opportunists will take advantage to steal and hurt people if they think there won’t be consequences. Post apocalypse there will be no consequences.

I’ve discussed this before, when I’ve said that the first thing you should do post apocalypse is find yourself safe harbour way out of the city. Take a look at the destruction in London. The fires. The looting. The mugging. The deaths. One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world burning. Now remember that this is in the fourth richest country in the world, a country with a dedicated and experienced police force in place. Remember the stereotype of the British. Now look what happened, and imagine the destruction when the police are gone and there is no governmental control any more.

This is why I say get out of the city. This is why I say stay away from other survival groups till the panic has died down. This is why I say take a weapon with you (but only post-apocalypse. Don’t get yourself arrested). This is why I say caution, every second.

Because London is what post apocalyptic rioting will look like.


Be safe.

And our thoughts go to all those who have suffered during the riots.

One thought on “It's all gone a bit dystopian out there.

  1. I agree – the riots showed us the kind of brutality that people are capable of once society starts to show its cracks. When it all hits the fan, I’m heading to Mid Wales – there’s bugger all up that way, and I can rebuilt my own society from scratch.

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