I Met Family Radio Fanatics and All I Got Was This Pamphlet

So, I went to lunch today and who do I see walking in front of me on Boylston Street?! YES. A Family Radio Fanatic. He was a sweet old man who explained I still had time to “cry out for mercy,” and said, “God bless” to me. And of course I said it back. I’m damned, not rude.

Crying out seems so shameless and flashy, though. Is it too late for simple repenting?

Family Radio Rapture worker in Copley Square, Boston
Family Radio Rapture worker in Copley Square, Boston

I asked and was given a pamphlet, which outlines how and why it has come to be believed that the rapture starts this Saturday May 21st 2011 (and as I overheard, tomorrow as 6PM Eastern time) .

Family Radio Rapture Pamphlet
Family Radio Rapture Pamphlet

THEN! I kept walking because the farmers market is back in season and I like to look at the baked goods in a sick food-porn way that makes me feel both happy and sad (and a little dirty to be honest). But, two steps further and I see a literal caravan of Family Radio campers. FIVE campers driving circles around Copley Square with their driver shouting from the windows.

Also shouting, was this lovely woman:

I was on the phone. So, you hear me talking to Bet about how the rapture is, at least partially, cause by The Gays and how that’s totally rude of them (sarcastic).

I stayed for a couple of laps of the square. It’s beautiful out today. Maybe to lure us all to our demise…?!  I took another video and them had to go back to the cubical farm and share this.

Curious as to what was inside that pamphlet? I got you covered: Family Radio Rapture Reading Materials

2 thoughts on “I Met Family Radio Fanatics and All I Got Was This Pamphlet

  1. Totally. It was so dense. They should have gotten a graphic designer. At the very least they should have looked into bullet points.

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