Holidays Are Not Immune to The Apocalypse in Comics

Holidays are a time to be thankful, stressed, and threaten your children with the loss of a strange man’s affection. For me, comics tend to be a medium that consistently keeps it real – often straight up hyperbolic.

Check out these comics that mash up our holiday notions with apocalyptic ones.

The Last Christmas

Brian Posehn (Author), Gerry Duggan (Author), Rick Remender (Illustrator)

After the apocalypse no one is safe – even at the North Pole. After tragedy strikes Santa withdraws from life and turns his back on Christmas. When Claus finally emerges from seclusion the old world is gone forever. As Santa struggles to find his way in a Mad Max-like world – can he find a way to save Christmas too?

A Very Zombie Christmas 

David Hutchison (Author)

Remember that classic holiday film about what the world would’ve been like if someone had never been alive? Well, this isn’t quite the same… This winter, the weather outside isn’t the only thing that’s frightful! The wrong sort of holidays spirits are on the loose as zombies roam the streets, spreading their own gift that keeps on giving. You’d better watch out…

Okay, these last two aren’t really apocalyptic per se.

Vampire’s Christmas

Joseph Michael Linsner (Author), Linsner and Mike Dubisch (Painted artwork), Linsner (Cover)

At Christmas time, all dreams come true. What do vampires dream of? Blood, of course. Lots of it. Esque, the vampire, is no different, but in Santa’s eyes he’s been more naughty than nice. A lump of coal in his stocking is what Esque expects as he goes off into the cold city night to seek his holiday dinner. During his hunt on Christams Eve, he encounters junkies, pedophiles, goth chicks, and the scariest of them all –holiday shoppers. Everyone’s hustling for that last-minute score, and amidst the snow and carols, who knows what Esque might find?

It Ate Billy On Christmas

Roman Dirge (Author), Steven Daily (Author)
It would have been a Christmas like any other for little Lumie and her horrible, terrible, obnoxious, awful bully of a brother Billy. But then a funny little monster appeared and ate Billy right up! Lumie knows it’s not really a good thing to let a monster eat your brother, but she can’t help but notice that things are, in fact, much nicer now that he’s gone. Now that things are looking up a little in her world, Lumie has to decide what to do with her new little monster friend, and – most importantly – what she’s going to feed him.

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