Free Hellevator Rides to Adorable Boss Battles

It’s no secret that I have an obsession with adorable violence. Therefore, no one will be surprised by my response to Hellevator: Ohmigawd, Yes!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of information about Hellevator aside from the overview and download link. However, there is also a handy trailer and a cheeky little write-up.

Dark Souls crushing your soul? Needing a cute hit but craving that spooky-grim vibe? Hellevator has you covered!

Hellevator | Lil Death | Scope it Down Studios
Hellevator | Lil Death | Scope it Down Studios

Hellevator teams you up with the Devil himself in a ‘boss rush’ style game to escape the Circles of Hell. As the only son of the Grim Reaper, you must combine your strength with Lucifer’s and face the denizen of each level in a fast-paced, dark-fantasy boss rush game.

Oh, and an elevator is involved.

Experience the thrill of successive boss battles without the grinding to reach them. Slash, block and dodge your way to freedom, and experience the charming 3D underworld of Hellevator for yourself.

Personally, I could do with a plush or vinyl figure of the reaper main character, Lil Death…  Fortunately, the team at Scope It Down Studios have a small redbubble store that heavily features Lil Death.

The only social media seems to be a facebook page. This seems like a good weekend to curl up by the computer and warm up with a new game.

Stay tuned for a review and some footage of me playing (and inevitably sucking so hard) the cutest little guy this side of life and death.

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