Happy Apoco-Anniversary!

So, we’re two years old this month. I KNOW, right? If the site was a human being it’d be toddling around and breaking things. The main thing I’m surprised about is that the apocalypse HASN’T happened in that two years. I was so certain that I’d be dressed in oddly-stylish rags, scavenging the ruins of civilisation for a toothbrush, by now.

I think it’s far to have a site update, as loyal readers may have noticed a slackening off of posts. It’s not that we’re stopping, or want to stop. But we’ve all had really big events occur in our lives and it’s tough to get back to where we were. It’s happening though, even if it’s slow. Never fear. We’re going to be here, being paranoid and yammering on for a long, long time. Till the internet apocalypse, at the very least.

I nearly missed our birthday though, too busy with my stupid life to notice. UN-FORGIVEABLE. So, what should we do to celebrate this most auspicious of anniversaries? I was going for BURN THE WORLD but someone pointed out that would be difficult and expensive and I don’t have any money.

How do you think we should celebrate? I’m tempted to give away a few of the books I’ve been given by publishing houses. They’ve been read, so they aren’t as new, but hey. Free books! But we’d have to run some kind of competition. What do you suggest?



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