Fundraising for the new ICoS real-life survival bunker

Hi everyone! It’s Char (remember me?). Apologies for my long absence (if you haven’t noticed I’ve been gone, I will throw you to the zombies, see if I don’t), but I’ve been away working on a super seekrit project for ICoS. I know none of you have even heard of this project, but that’s kinda the point of it being super and seekrit. What have I been doing? I’ve been wandering around Canada looking for the perfect place for the brand new, real-life ICoS underground bunker. (Holy hell you guys, this search took FOREVER. My family is sick of the inside of Canada. It looks much better on the wall map.)

Okay, the ICoS bunker. At first I thought maybe the bunker should be near water so we can have a constant post-apoc water supply (because we all know how important water is). So I trekked over to the east coast. I wasn’t quite happy with that (too much Stephen Harper and Marine Land, really) so I went over to Saskatoba the Prairies to see what I could find. After all, what better place to build a bunker than a place that has swaths and swaths of flat land? With farms! Which could come in handy post-apocalypse (just sayin’.)

But dude, Saskatoba. The rolling plains of wheat almost buried me alive (I’m short, you know). So I kept going west. And then I thought, “Mountains!” Natural fortification, right? Also, they’re tall and cold in the winter, so maybe the zombies will die long before they get to the bunker’s elevation.

After much hiking, camping, and running away from bears, I found the perfect ICoS mountain getaway location for the underground bunker. I could’ve kept going west, but Vancouver gets too much rain and I was sick of seeing the inside of my minivan. (Canada’s a big place, y’all. How long have I been absent from ICoS?)

So anyway. Now that we have our bunker location, I’m back. I can’t report much on it yet, because secrecy and all that (our survival camps are invitation-only, after all). But now that I’ve secured the location, what’s next? (Now that we’ve finished all the negotiations and actually secured the land and shit, that is.)

Well, now we need to actually build the damn thing. And for that, we need your help. Well, yours and possibly a few million other people (mountain bunkers don’t come cheap, unfortunately). We’ll get something up on Kickstarter in the next little while here, but to be perfectly frank, we need to raise money (a lot of money) to build the bunker. So if you could spare a dollar or two to help us create our vision of post-apocalyptic dictatorship build ICoS’s Canadian survival camp, you will be met with our everlasting gratitude. And if you give us enough money, you’ll also get a secure place in our Canadian camp.

Now, you may be wondering why we started in Canada. After all, Tavia’s in the U.S. and Ann’s in the U.K. Lots of opportunities there, right? Well, we decided to build the first one in Canada for proof of concept. After all, Canada’s big, not nearly as populated as the other two countries (so chances are we’ll piss off less people), and there’s quite a bit of varying geography. If we can get this built (in the mountains, no less), not only will we have a kick-ass Canadian mountain getaway survival camp location in a fairly fortified location, we will also know that we can plan survival camps in the U.S. and the U.K. as well.

Because world domination, y’all. That’s what we’re going for. Post-apocalypse, of course.

So after my long rambling post (sorry guys, I missed you), watch for our Kickstarter announcement!

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