But…how will I stay organized?

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been having a much harder time keeping on top of my Monday posts lately. This, I assure you, is not intentional. But let’s just say that ever since we moved back to Canada and I lost my full-time childcare, the days have started running together and most of the time I can’t figure out which way is up. I have a hard enough time remembering what I ate for breakfast, let alone what I need to do on what day.

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(Seriously, if my head weren’t attached to my body, I’d have lost it a long time ago.)

I’m a little frazzled.

A thought occurred to me the other day, when I realized that it was actually Monday and not Sunday and my post was late: how will the scatterbrained people like me remember to do all the stuff they’re supposed to do after the world goes kaput?

Right now, I’m relying on my phone.

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Seriously. I have a smartphone, and the thing’s attached to my hand. I’d glue it there if I could. I’ve got everything stored in that thing: my contact list, my shopping lists, my emails, my text messages, my remote record PVR app, and, most importantly, my calendar.

My calendar, where I have added every possible thing I need to do on any given day. No joke.

It’s pretty sad when I have to put “go grocery shopping” in my freaking calendar; otherwise I’ll run around doing other errands, homeschooling my kids, and all that other fun stuff, and then realize at the end of the day that we’ve run out of rice, milk, and bread.

Now, before y’all yell at me for being a terrible mother, I’d like to point out that I haven’t been a full-time stay at home mom for, well, two years now.

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When I was telecommuting full time, the kids went to school/daycare as per usual (and the only reason I was telecommuting was because I was in Texas and the company was not).

And now I’m once again a full-time stay at home/work at home mom.

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And boy, is it an adjustment.

Anyway. I’d imagine that in the post apocalypse, people will be just as busy–probably even busier, actually–than I am now. And they probably won’t have a crutch electronic brain something to rely on that will beep with some sort of reminder every fifteen minutes.

If you’re scatterbrained or have zero attention span or have the memory of a goldfish, how will you remember things? How will we putzes survive?

I’m sure many will adapt. But there are bound to be some who can’t/won’t/are unable to change to fit the current (probably crappy) situation.

And those people…well, they probably won’t survive. Because they might not actually remember to.

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5 thoughts on “But…how will I stay organized?

  1. I rely on my diary/planner for most things – even when I should be using Outlook for work, I pop it in my diary. Once it all kicks off, I’ll be using that little sucker like theres no tomorrow (only if it kicks off in the next 5 months, otherwise I’ll have to get a new diary)./

  2. Char, I feel you. I think, come the apocalypse, I’m just not going to do a lot of things that need doing. I’ve tried for years to find the right system for me and failed for years. Part of my problem is that I procrastinate. Even now, I should be doing my timesheet and work…

    1. Yeah…procrastination is the bane of my existence. Being scatterbrained doesn’t help. I have discovered that procrastination + scatterbrain tendencies = regular head explosions

  3. It’s not so bad that you have put grocery shopping in your calender. The only reason I don’t is because my grocery store is right beside my subway stop. I still end up making lots of little trips throughout the week as I realize I forgot something.

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