Bugs in the post-apocalypse

So, I hate bugs. (All bugs, including spiders, which may or may not be considered a bug.) Unfortunately, I’ve been battling an ant invasion for the last few months, so I’ve got bugs on my mind. The crazy little buggers keep coming back, which is driving me up the wall. I’ve also found grasshoppers and spiders wandering around, too. (Have I mentioned I have a phobia of bugs—especially spiders? Yeah, even lady bugs terrify me.)

With all this pest control I’ve been doing, I started thinking about what bugs would be like in the post apocalypse. I’d never really thought about this before. But it would be remiss of me to assume that humans will be the only survivors of the apocalypse. Let’s face it; bugs (including spiders) are hardy creatures, so I’d guess there’s a pretty good chance they’ll make it through the apocalypse, whatever it may be.

I think in a lot of ways, a bug’s survival will be similar to a human’s survival. Ease of survivability will depend on what kind of apocalypse actually occurs. For example, a nuclear holocaust might have different odds than, say, global climate change. But…will they survive in large numbers? Will there still be infestations and whatnot when the rest of the world has gone to hell?

Since I’m terrified of all bugs, of course I’m thinking that the bug numbers post apocalypse will resemble the biblical locust plague. Or they’ll mutate and become a swarm of giant human-sized bees (or ants, or spiders, or whatever). I’m really hoping that’s just my imagination going nuts.

I suppose it might not be a bad idea to pack some bug repellent and traps in my survival kit. And hope that Spiderman or The Fly don’t actually come to life. (Sorry, Spidey.)



One thought on “Bugs in the post-apocalypse

  1. If you’re still struggling with ants, we ended up killing the colony for good (and making sure no ant ever lived there again) by boiling acid and pouring it in.

    Onto the actual subject of your article.
    Most bugs will survive stuff we can’t. Which is actually good, as insects are necessary for fertilisation of plants and helping plant and animal matter decompose. But insects evolve fast. Their generations are really quick, and so they’re very adaptive. So, super-hardy ultra-evolved flesh eating spiders is where my mind went first.

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