Book review: An A-to-Z Guide to Biblical Prophecy and the End Times

Publisher’s blurb:[1. Review copy provided by Zondervan]

This dictionary is a comprehensive reference tool designed to assist everyday people in understanding biblical prophecy. Based on solid scholarship, it contains clear and readable entries on a broad sweep of topics relevant to biblical prophecy, providing insight to complicated subjects in a balanced fashion.

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It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that I like the apocalypse. (Ha.) I research it, I read novels about it, I watch movies about it, I poke fun at conspiracies about it, blah blah blah. So it’s probably not surprising to learn that I’ve long been interested in Christian eschatology. After all, the Bible has some wicked imagery about the end of the world. (Seriously, those four horsemen?

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Anyway. I came across this book on NetGalley, and being a book entirely about a topic I’m ridiculously interested in, I requested it.

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(And got it. Yay!)

When they say this book is a guide, they’re misleading you. No, this book isn’t a guide; it’s an encyclopedia. There’s nothing wrong with encyclopedias–I’ve been known to read them for fun.

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My point is, this book is one of the most comprehensive resources on biblical eschatology that I’ve ever come across.

Being the geek that I am, I tend to glom onto topics that interest me.

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I’ll find stuff on a topic, read about it, and generally stalk the Internet until I’ve found at least ten different sources of information and have spent about six or seven or ten hours reading them.

This book? Has entries I’ve never even heard of. (Shocking, I know.) This book is in-depth. Maybe even too in-depth; sometimes my eyes glazed over because of the sheer amount of information in most of the entries.

On the other hand, I did learn things, so some of the words my eyes glazed over must have imprinted on my brain.

Be warned, of course, that this book is about biblical prophecy and apocalyptic theory. Meaning Christian. So obviously this book has a very Christian slant. (If you’re not into that sort of thing, I suggest you skip this book.)

However, if you’re interested in learning more about Christian apocalypticism, I highly recommend this book.


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