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I’m going to take a minute out of our heavy schedule of obsessively watching the news for zombie outbreaks to tell you that someone has FINALLY acknowledged how awesome we are by giving the blog an award or two.

They come from over at TheCabinGoddess, who gave us The Versatile Blogger award and the Liebster award.

Neither of them come with any money, but the same part of me that gets happy over achievements on 360 games is giggling and jumping up and down.

But apparently there are rules about being given them and I have to do some meme-y junk. So I’m just going to go ahead and MAKE IT UP.

So, apparently I have to:

1.Thank the person who  gave them (I don’t know if this is for both awards or just one, but fuck it) which I’ve already done.

2. Nominate FIVE other blogs, which I’ll do just as soon as a figure out what the hell these awards are actually for. (Ok, the Liebster is for blogs with less than 200 followers and the Versatile Blogger just seems to be for awesome places, so I reckon I’ll do that seperately)

3. Tell you seven things about myself.


Ok. So: I am offering the Liebster to:

1: Resolution Cool, a very funny blog with lots of filth and sex.

2: The Cozy Little Plot, for charmingly gothic drawings

3: Xeroverse, for awesomeness

4: Jetink, because.

5: the good people over at Am I zombie Fit

and I ‘m supposed to contact them all but I’m super lazy, so I’ll do it whenever.

For the Versatile Blogger it seems to either want five or seven or fifteen and I can’t figure it out, but theres only really one person I want to give it to, because they are geniunely excellent and cover a lot of different ground, and that’s Xeroverse. Yeah, I know I gave them both awards. Suck it.

So, awardy type people, you can put these awards on your blog and continue the circle-jerk.

So, seven things about me (or us, as there’s three of us)

1: We are actually all undead. We give you deliberately bad advice so we can eat your brains. Oh, and you were hoping to live!

2: I make the best vegetable soup you have ever eaten. Guaranteed.

3: I went to Canada with the guide choir. It was fun.

4: Until I was 21 I thought Narwhals were made up.

5: I spend half my disposable income on books.

6: This blog is a feminazi conspiracy, which is why there are few male contributors.

7: I am a robot.


And done. Now, despite my sarcasm I am actually happy to have received these awards, and I hope the new recipients love them.


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