4 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Fiction: Ragestorm Requiem

  1. Hi, John. I came for apocalypse fic — and I wasn’t disappointed. You were right to call it “Requiem,” for so many reasons, but this was a veritable symphony of storm and ash. It’s a wonderful thing to become so immersed in a piece, kinda like drowning in dust, I guess. And your use of language/dialect is something I admire. I like to try that myself sometimes, so do all of us, but it’s a tightrope to walk, getting it right. And you did. Well done.

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. =)

      I think ‘requiem’ is such a powerful word, but it’s a little overused (and misused) these days. It was just the right word for this though.

  2. Such a complex story but beautiful and powerful in sentiment. How did you manage to deliver this apocalyptic vision in so few words? The twist of Molly’s ashes truly took me by surprise and touched my heart; such skilful writing.

    I loved it John; you have a unique voice and I look forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you, Lily. =)

      I guess when the landscape you’re travelling and the dangers you’re facing are one and the same thing that allows for some economy of words. 😉

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