3 Free Comic Previews – Post Apocalypse

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the saying, “if it’s free, it’s for me” doesn’t always ring true. See, on Comixology.com they’ve got more free comics than you’ll know what to do with. Literally, you’ll have so many options and so little time you might find yourself overwhelmed by the selection and possibilities. This is similar to the Kindle quandary: How do I know if this item is worth the time or dollar it takes to check it?

Never fear, I love apocalyptic comics, like trying new things, and don’t like wasting money. So, I’ll let you know which preview comics (not full-length issues) I checked out and if I think you should too – or if you should avoid them like the plague.

28 Days Later

Written by: Michael Alan Nelson

Art by: Declan Shalvey

Color by: Nick Filardi

Focusing on Selena, one of the three survivors of the first film, as she embarks on an epic journey of her return to Great Britain! Scripted by Hexed and Fall Of Cthulhu’s Michael Alan Nelson and drawn by newcomer sensation Declan Shalvey.

28 Days Later opens in a military-run camp set up in a safe zone outside of infected Britian. Selena isn’t with Jim or Hannah but she’s still driven and angry. She’s so very angry, at everything and everyone. Locked up in survival mode, Selena is the perfect person to be recruited by a band of “researchers” wanting to be guided through the infected zone to something she needn’t concern herself with. For her own deep-seated emotionally crippling reasons she decides to guide them. And, surprise shit gets ugly and the team gets stranded.

If you like the plot of Doomsday, and all the Jurassic Park movies, you’ll probably like this plot. It’s also a similar setting to Doomsday and Jurassic Park with similar enemies…

It was well written and easy on the eyes even if it felt a bit too serious and looked a bit too full at times.


American Wasteland

Written by: R. D. Hall

Art by: Mark Kidwell & Andrew Magnum

Truck driver Cletus McCoy only wants one thing: to get back home and save his Mama from a fate worse than death. But, in a world crumbling into a vampire apocalypse, that is easier said than done. Cletus will have to truck his way through an emerging nation of bloodthirsty monsters hell-bent on making him supper. Guns, guts, and a boy named Sumbitch are our hero’s only hope!

I believe I have mentioned before that I find clumsy stereotypes to be off-putting, especially when I’m not actually very familiar with the group being stereotyped. From his name, to his interactions, to his dumbass logic and reasoning, Cletus made me uncomfortable. He felt like a joke more than a character. And not a joke like Deadpool, who loves to break the 4th wall, or Kenny, who lives only to be killed, but a joke like, “I’m not racist, but I know this really funny joke.” I found many of his scenes cringe-worthy.

Also, what the fuck was going on?

Who is this weird carnival like guy who managed to survive this long?

How long is “this long”? Cletus seems to have just noticed the zombie situation but the ringleader is acting like the people who eat people are business as usual.

Then there’s like a guy who still has his faculties and is is commanding a band of zombies. But what’s that?! One of the little ankle-biters is talking back!

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be laughing at the groups being stereotyped and thinking “What if this happened to these people?” Or with the writers stereotypes in their hokey over the top portrayals or ….And, I didn’t really care about anything that was going on.



Written by: Michael Moreci

Art by: Monty Borror

Part 1 – In a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a virus turns nearly every resident into a vicious killing machine. A group of uninfected is trapped within the town, abandoned with dwindling resources. These survivors must fight against the infected, as well as the paranoia growing between them. Sparked by a mysterious stranger, the survivors dig into the town’s secrets as they hatch their escape, yet none of them are prepared for what they discover.

Um, this comic is strikingly mediocre. The art, the story, the dialogue… It wasn’t aggressively bad just completely forgettable and uninteresting.


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